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Optimising leveling with guild activity

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Optimising leveling with guild activity

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:17 pm

Basically, this is what I do on a daily basis.

It can seem very daunting trying to level a character AND trying to fulfil your duties to the guild. Im going to explain a quite simple way to ensure you dont get mired, bored or even kicked from the guild!

First off, Dynasty has quite a low requirement level. you can see *THIS POST* to see what is expected from you, the player, on a weekly basis.

Now before getting all worked up please note it is possible to complete your requirement in a 10 hour period! All it takes is a little careful planing of game time, and occasionally a little luck for getting bonus xp.

**start a fresh new day**
First things first. Press U to open the Schedule Interface. At the bottom of this screen should be between 1 and 3 luck quests (1 personal, 2 world) these depend on your level. Occasionally you will be too low for a world quest, and will obtain a "you are too low for this quest" message. Simply click all 3 for the luck quests to appear in your quest log.

you need a item from the cash shop to re roll your personal luck quests, however, world luck quest timers reset if you abandon and re take them!


The next thing you want to do is press G to open the guild interface. It looks like this:


over 25's can select the "donation" and "join" from this screen. This adds the guild donation quest to your log, and usually the item is quite easy to obtain. If you have difficulty ask in guild!

over 60's can select the "Pond Nightmare" and "join" from this screen. This quest is for Queen Alanna in SoO

All levels can click the button for "guild affair envalopes". Once you have received the guild affairs refresh the interface by closing and reopening it (press G twice)

If you can, select "freedom" - this is for 5 henry quests and generally appears from lvl 20
If above 40 and socialite 3 (?) take "knowledge" - this is for 3 questions from Naichillo (quests obtainable from Rio as "Knowledge Quiz")

Other envelopes (depending on level range depends how many you get) can be used for instances needed for the luck quests and any you would normally do in a day (such as Gods Trial and Glistening Lowland (this one is "glitter") for over 40). Each time you complete a guild affair you should get 2 contribution to the guild. It also awards extra XP for the guild quest as well as XP for completing the items in question!

Once you have completed all of that, if Buckray, cooking tutorial and alchemy tutorial didn't appear in your luck quests still do these quests weather you need the job points or not. These 3 quests, as well as "study" from Rio, can reap a regular xp income.

In addition to these, you should try to do 4 base quests on a daily basis. I say atleast 4, as there is a daily quest for 4 base quests from the guild manager. You can see a guide in *THIS POST*. I will advise you though, that during construction you should always do quests from the construction manager. You can see if we are building by pressing "G" in game, then the "base" tab followed by "construction". On this UI screen there should be 2 items at the top, one outlines how many construction quests can be done by the guild in a given day, the one on the top right tells you how many constructions have been done/needed to complete building.

Should the right number be missing or either be maxed then I suggest you do quests from the Guild Housing officer. The XP reqards are about the same, as are the soul coins, but give 3 contribution per quest instead of 1 giving you optimum. If you are unsure you can ask any corp or vice leader for a hint of the quests you can do.

*if you are above 40* you can now do guild trade runs! Try to do atleast 1 a day, but remember, just like the guild base quests, the more you do the better the reward in XP, Mercury Union, soul coin and guild funds. You can see a guide in *THIS POST*


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Re: Optimising leveling with guild activity

Post by Dornara on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:20 pm

Realy good - made it sticky^^

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