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leveling up "guide"

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leveling up "guide" Empty leveling up "guide"

Post by Beltaine on Sun May 01, 2011 11:57 am

let me tell you something first, i didnt play Beta, just hop to this game two weeks after the server start, got some alts here and some failed builds. Nothing unusual, so let me share some observation. Maybe somewhere is better guide, but i am to lazy to look to forums.
This is not a guide, how to play Bard or Protector, this is some sort of general pointers how to lvl up more easy and fast.

1) choose character and survive the tutorial, COLLECT all footprints and stack them as far as your inventory allows (they are selling well and you will thank me later)
2) pick the starting quests in FH, do the Tavern quests
3) the main FH quest LiH have two modes n00b and normal, so dont finish the 10th quest, just do 9 and stop, be a n00b you will benefit from it, coz there is big difference with EXPs
4) do the instances, after lvl 15 you can do some instance, dont be shy just press T and if you alone add yourself to someone

to lvl 22-23 you can get easy in 2-3 hours just running around the city

5) after 20 you can go to Gods Trial, this with LiH (9th run) will be your next targets for geting some experience. Use Exp scrolls and if you lucky and get to hig lvl party for "mental" mode you can get additional boost with crystal farming and the ppl will like you, coz they acquire "Mentor points"

6) GET into guild after 25 you will be accepted to almost any new guild, this will have some benefits for you
a) guild quests
b) exp and alchemy proxy scrolls
c) if guild have base, cheap soul coins for construction quest, cheap pots and other benefits like lvl 5 recipes etc.

6) after lvl 30 you have another exp option Creekbank Valley. Before someone start to complain, did you ever watch the exp for killing mobs here? Use exp scroll if you have feeling that you get to the good party trust me is worth.
7) Tomb of Glory is your second option for get some exp really fast.

Cool dont waste exp scroll on regular mobs or bosses in instances, use it wisely, like when mob crowd appears and ppl start using soulforce attack thats your time to turn on exp scrolls

9) guild quests, you are doing instances right? Then do the instances and AFTER pick guild quests, something like tasks before logout/parking, they will count, and you get additional exp and guild contribution
10) Lucky events is your chance as well to get some extra exp, just press u or visit Henry.

10) after 30+ start slowly doing the storyline quest, they will be easy and not so time consuming, and hey you did instances, you have gear then right?

11) if you have free PC use the parking with memory lotus, just get the faction reputation up for the paean and benefit from double exp in the process. You will need reputation anyway to buy a 30SG ride.

This is not a complete, there is a lot more, like Harbor guide, Study, Rosemasons and in Sea Waterwheel protection etc. just use common sense, is always better to run few times with Lula, then do the one Pet tutorial.

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