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Post by Guest on Sun May 01, 2011 2:10 pm

Thought of making a topic!
~First of all,base has something like its own "bank".For those that didn't do any base quest yet,it will write that,let's say,30silver went at guild fund.it collects money without you getting charge of it from the quest we did and at the end of the day it takes from this "bank" some golds depending of how many buildings we have.
~What a building needs,to start building it,you can see it from the building tree inside base,the manager dude!(Economy,Cultivation,etc.)
When you enter the base you have 3 npcs in front of you.When a building is under construction,(which you can see by pressing G ,then go to Base>Contruction>Under Construction 83/200),we need to do the construction quests from M a n a g e r,to finish it.If no building is under construction,do the quests from Castle guy so that the base will raise economy and stuff to be able to start building another one.
~But to be able to do the quests,we need the contrustion orders from the third npc(the loner guy:p).You take 4 orders and they will dissapear in 9hours or something!E a c h order is iqual with 4 quests.Which means,these 4 orders are 16quests!But no panic!!!!!they are not that hard or that long!!Although i don't know the difference of the quests at some lvls...still.....if it takes too much of your time...if each one of us finish at least 1 construction order,to take the money+exp bonus from the daily quest from the third guy,at least is a good start!

That's all for now.Going to sleep! bounce


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