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Guild Base Quests

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Guild Base Quests Empty Guild Base Quests

Post by Harpya on Tue May 10, 2011 10:49 pm

I decided to make a detailed guide on base quests for everyone who is just starting with them and is feeling a little lost!

To enter the Guid Base find one fo these guys:

Guild Base Quests LawrenceGuildMngr Guild manager located at Freedom Harbor Magic Fountain close to Jessica Guild Base Quests MatthewTp Teleporter at Freedom Harbor Guild Base Quests ZaeefTp Teleporter at Towerpush Town
Guild Base Quests MiaresTpTeleporter at Lunagrand Woodland

Guild Base Quests TpMenu

The first person you need to talk to inside the base is the Guild Base Manager.

Guild Base Quests GuildBaseMngr

He will give u the following options :

Guild Base Quests GuildBaseMngrQuests

After you choose both of those options look at your bag. You will see there the Construction Orders. Without them npc's will not give you any quests.
Guild Base Quests Constrorders

Now you are ready to start taking quests!

It is recomended, if there is a construction in progress, to receive quests ONLY from Construction Manager, untill we reach the daily limit!

Guild Base Quests ConstMngr

If there is no construction in progress you have 3 options (until the next building is finished) to receive quests.

Guild Base Quests CastleWardenGuild Base Quests DiningHallMngrGuild Base Quests GuildHousingMngr

And that is what you will see in your quest list!

Guild Base Quests Questlist

You can take quests from more than 1 npc, complete them all and submit them at once. That might cause a problem tho if 2 npc's give you the same quest. You will submit it only one time and you will not be able to redo it and submit it to the other npc. The problem is solved if you abandon the quest that is still pending and take a new one.

Not recomended if you still have orders to use cause it might take another one, so you are 4 quests short!!!!


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Guild Base Quests Empty Guild base quests

Post by Maria on Tue May 10, 2011 11:01 pm

very nice and helpful:)
How do I post?
How do I post?

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Guild Base Quests Empty Re: Guild Base Quests

Post by Dornara on Wed May 11, 2011 12:47 am

well done netta
thats a good guide Smile

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Guild Base Quests Empty Re: Guild Base Quests

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:05 pm


OK this is the link to the spreadsheet im keeping in relation to the base quests. XP & soulcoin reward is not included as this increases with every quest you do.

It also changes with every building we make, so I will update when appropriate

*update 8/15/2011* included Fishing manager

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Guild Base Quests Empty Re: Guild Base Quests

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