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Cruentare - Vampire apllication

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Cruentare - Vampire apllication

Post by Cruentar on Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:42 am

Hi my name is Alex and i wish to apply to dynasty.
I looked in the fw forums and searched for a guild wich is english speaking and is still active.

►Char Name

Vampire, currently blood for increased solo and heal

►Current Level
36, about to hit 37

►Class Rank Number
0 cause all 25 pages are full with 61+ players Very Happy

►Previous MMO Experience
basicly all available from wow closed beta till rift, over aion and co.
i find most mmos totad to lack dramaticly in challanges and content.
so far FW lloks goot content wise Very Happy

►Previous guild
currently im in system generated one to get some benefits

►Reasons for leaving Previous guild
i think all the contribution and co is wasted on a sys guild, furthermore i like to stick to a group of ppl

►Time Zone

►Anything out you think is relevant
i like pve content, and i also like chalanges in pve, i prefere todo bosses right and don't screw around ^^
i like to have fun with guild, like doing some crazy stuff, running train with all members, doing just useless funny stuff ^^

►Do you have a mic and can use teamspeak
mic and all voip apps available

►Did a member from Dynasty refer you?

Also some personal details such as:


►Country your from

►Hours you can play
started 5 days ago, currently im on overhour compensating so i play alot
regualry play times would be weekends and a few hours each day, as soon as i need to go back to waork ^^, wich is not in the next 6 weeks Very Happy


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Re: Cruentare - Vampire apllication

Post by Dornara on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:05 am

very welcome Smile

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Re: Cruentare - Vampire apllication

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:59 am

thanks alot Very Happy


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Re: Cruentare - Vampire apllication

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