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Guidelines to a successful Application

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Guidelines to a successful Application

Post by Dornara on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:45 am

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We have pre-requisites to joining Dynasty, these are:

►Must be level 40
►Must do guild quests daily
►Must be over 18
►Must play regularly and actively participate in Guild events (Instances, Boss hunts etc)
►Must use teamspeak
►Must be able to speak English

Please note, we are looking for active,mature players on the server.
Your gear and level should reflect on how much effort you put in to the game.
Exceptional applications will always be considered. We are not elitist; we do however expect players to be on par with us.

If you can answer Yes to all of the above, then please make an application.

Please read the following carefully before making your application.

Dynasty is an English Speaking Guild with focus on pve aspects of the game. One of the reasons this is a Pve Server.

We are looking for mature players with an passion for gaming who will fit in to our existing player base (drama queen's, social retards and selfish players DO NOT APPLY).

About you:

►Char Name
►Current Level
►Class Rank Number
►Previous MMO Experience
►Previous guild
►Reasons for leaving Previous guild
►Time Zone
►Anything out you think is relevant
►Do you have a mic and can use teamspeak
►Did a member from Dynasty refer you?

Also some personal details such as:

►Country your from
►Hours you can play

Please note the more information you include the better.

Also if you could add where you heard about the guild. (this helps us know where our recruitment drive has been successful).

Click here and make your apply bounce

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