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80 floater quest/nightmare revelry

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80 floater quest/nightmare revelry Empty 80 floater quest/nightmare revelry

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:49 am


re: Guide: [40][Special] Recipe: Nightmare Feast
by Nocenti on 2011/08/17 19:11:58

Main Quest
[40][Special] Recipe
- Nightmare Feast


According to the recipe of nightmare revel, prepare nightmare revel and bring it to Charlie in Freedom Harbor.

Nightmare's Revelry(0/1)
Dream Boiler(1/1)

Complete quest: Freedom Harbor


This guide will go through the Nightmare Feast quest given by Charlie in Freedom Harbor when you reach Level 40. I have written this guide because this quest proved quite difficult in terms of getting information about the location of the required items.

You are given [Nightmare's Revelry Recipe] which gives details on what items you need and how to prepare and cook Nightmare's Revelry. However, the text within the recipe cuts off, making it difficult to determine exactly how to go about completing this quest.

So, without further ado:

Required Items

1. Dream Boiler (Also called Dream Cooker)
2. Nightmare's Flesh
3. Fly Egg
4. Mysterious Cinerary Casket

1. Dream Cooker/Dream Boiler
This is provided when you pick the quest up. Make sure to keep it in your inventory.

2. Nightmare's Flesh
This drops off Nightmare in Lunagrant Woodland. It may take several kills before it drops for you.

3. Fly Egg
Fly Eggs are obtained by placing a Griffin Corpse on the ground near some flies. The flies then lay their eggs in the corpse after which you can take an egg.

Go to Gazrot near the Great Tree Spirit in Lunagrant Woodland. He's to the right of the ramp that leads up to the Bulls. Pick up his quest "Gazrot's Sample". This quest requires you to get 10 Fresh Griffin Meat. When you complete the quest and hand it in to Gazrot, he'll give you the Griffin Corpse.

Open up your map of Lunagrant Woodland. To the West of the "Spirit of Great Trees", you'll see a road leading South that suddenly ends. Go slightly West of that until you see the flies. Right Click the Griffin Corpse to place it on the ground in the middle of the flies. Wait for a few seconds then Right Click the corpse on the ground. Now you have the Fly Egg.

4. Mysterious Cinerary Casket
Go down to Eventide Cemetery and walk up to Angeric. He's in front of the house by the river. Target him and use the "Persuade" skill. Right Click on him and look for the quest "Angeric's Collection". This quest requires you to go to an unnamed tomb in Eventide Cemetery. Go up the ramp towards the Fallen Vampires and take the first left. Go behind Morkarish's Tomb and you should see the unnamed tomb glistening. Bring the bone back to Angeric. You'll now be given the Mysterious Cinerary Casket.

Nightmare's Revelry - How To
With the Dream Boiler, Nightmare's Meat, Fly Egg and Mysterious Cinerary Casket in your inventory, Right Click the Mysterious Cinerary Casket. Watch your buff bar to the top right of your screen and wait until a timer shows up. This should take between 2 and 5 minutes. It will look like a Knife and Fork forming a cross and will start with 2 minutes remaining. Wait until the timer shows 35 seconds remaining and then click the Mysterious Cinerary Casket again. You should now have the spiced meat in your inventory.

Now click on the bowl. It should spawn on the ground in front of you. Stay close to it. Wait again until a timer appears at your buff bar and then click the bowl. You should now have Nightmare's Revelry.

Note: If you make a mistake and a message appears in chat telling you that the Mysterious Cinerary Casket has disappeared, you will need to collect the Nightmare's Meat and Fly Egg again before trying to obtain the quest again.

Hope this helped you out everyone!

- Nocenti


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