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Sleeping Jungle Adventure Quests

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Sleeping Jungle Adventure Quests

Post by LadyAlriel on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:19 am

Seraphic Wand
Verified by Ashes
3* Emberwood (Toxen Forest, near gorilla)
3* Whisperwood (Nightwind)
1* Nightwind (Nightwind)

Michael's Compendium
Verified by Ashes
5* Compendium pages (Bloodrite, collect around Tomb of Brothers)
1* Ritual Blood (Bloodrite, Base of Tomb of Brothers, kill Compendium Guard)
Note: We only hit Compendium Guard for 1 damage

Ancient Battle Puppet
Verified by Ashes
3* Essence of death (Bloodrite, by Tinkerers)
5* Miasma wood (Bloodrite, between Path of Betrayal and Catacomb)

Dragonclaw Vase
Verified by Rowe & Ashes
5* Ceramic Shards (Coastal Ruins, around coast below 's' in Ruins)
1* Dragonclaw Jewel (Coastal Ruins, go around ship, sunken chest in the cove by Huge Chest Pengurian)
Note: Plenty of Ceramic Shards around the coast.

Ceremonial Mask
Verified by Tides & Ashes
1* Sticky Mucus (Grey named Ooze by Teleporter near a stone 'building')
3* Spotted Lizard Skin (Goutah's Eye, Grey named Spotted Lizard)
Note1: We hit both mobs for 1 damage only.
Note2: Lizard appears to be a single spawn on the left of Goutah's Eye near the suspension bridge.

Crystal Skull
Verified by Ashes
5* Ancient Bones (Halfcliff Village, near Giant Dragon Skeleton)
5* Pyrite Crystals (Bloodrite, Tomb of Brothers, Northeast corner of map)
Note: There appears to be only 4 spawns for both mats.
Note by Sweet: Crystal Skull the Pyrite Crystals are actually all over the northern wall of Tomb of Brothers and there are 5-6 of them when i go looking for them.

Demonic Totem
Verified by Ashes
2* Sacred Remains (Sacred Well, In front of Giant Totem)
1* Demon Blood (Bloodrite, Top of Tomb of Brothers, guarded by Tinkerers)
Note1: Sacred Remains appears to be a single spawn.
Note2: Demon Blood will spawn randomly at top of either structure at the tomb.

Absorb Water Element
Verified by Ashes
20* Absorbed Water Element (Jadegloss Lake, Tree Trunk by trackstone)
Dive to bottom.
Click on Stray Water Elements and right click Mysterious Egg in your bag.
Note: For those who have done the Crystal Puppet quest, this is the same place.
How do I post?
How do I post?

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Re: Sleeping Jungle Adventure Quests

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:19 pm

OK so Dr Markus next to Columbus asks for things that are rare rewards from expeditions.

So far I have got the following items from the following expeditions (repeatedly)
ItemExpo DestinationItems required / defeated
Ancient Wood CalvingToxen Forestrequire coal oil/ require machette
Mysterious Eye Pendant | Golden SkullKambours Tombkill Ferocious Totems/ require explosives
Primitive Magical StaffGoutah's Eyekill marsh serpents / require hemp rope
Ancient PaintingSurvivors Camprequire diving gear / kill chest parguins
ancient seedBloodrite Roadkill toe biters / require water jug
unknownJadegloss Lakerequire first aid box
Ancient PotteryKulkan Templerequire magnifying glass
unknownPath of Betrayalkill jaguar trailer / require wooden crate
unknownAbandoned Catacombskill Deadwood Killers / require weedicide
mummified emperorSacrifice Platformkill zeke / require charcoal
unknownTomb of BrothersKill Tinkerers / require blast powder

will update when I get further data

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some more info

Post by surfnturf on Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:17 am

kambours tomb: quest 1 = kill totems; quest 2 = traps; relic = golden skull

sacrifice platfom: quest 1 = kill zekes; quest 2 = charcoal; relic = ?

tomb of brothers: quest 1 = blast powder; quest 2 = ?; relic = ?

catacombs: quest 2 = weedicide

path of betrayal: quest 2 = wooden crates

bloodrite road: quest 2 = water jugs

jadegloss lake: quest 2 = kill cursed copan crocodile

kulkan temple: quest 1 = kill jungle cobras

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How do I post?

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Re: Sleeping Jungle Adventure Quests

Post by omegavladd on Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:21 pm

I've been looking at this posting for sometime and figured I would offer my help when I get items from columbus... I'm currently in search of the Immortal Ancient Weapon. but I have found something thats not on your chart yet

kulkan temple = Ancient Pottery

Oh also since i see your ?? in Kambours Tomb you seemed kind of uncertain
I did infact also receive the eye pendant from it as well.

How do I post?
How do I post?

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Re: Sleeping Jungle Adventure Quests

Post by Sponsored content

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